I heard about this "funny" vending machine, and I finally got to find out if it really exists.
And here it is.
It does exist.

What's so "funny" about this vending machine is that what it's selling is not drinks but "soup stock".

This "soup stock" is something you use mainly for Udon and some other kinds of Japanese noodles.
I've never seen a vending machine selling "soup stock".

Anyway, I bought what they sell.
There are two kinds of "soup stock", one is 700yen and the other is 750yen.

As you can see, both has solid material inside.

700yen and 750yen seem a bit expensive, so I wanted to see how they were by cooking something with them.
So, what I made is a Japanese rolled omlet.

I used 4 eggs, a little bit of chopped green onions, and about 15ml of this soup stock.
What I use to make rolled omlet is this square pan.
After pouring some oil in the pan, I usullay wipe the oil off with a cooking paper.
And you're supposed to rolle the egg 4 or 5 times.

First portion looks like this and roll it when the egg is half cooked.
After the 2nd portion, make sure to let the egg slide underneath the rolled portion.
And you just need to repeat until there is no more egg.
When eberything is cooked, you just need to cut it on the cutting board.
Well, actually it does taste different with the soup stock I got at the vending machine.

It's very interesting to buy soup stock at a vending machine anyway, so you might want to try.

The vending machine I went this time is here.
And there are 5 other locations in Tokyo, Roppongi, Kojimachi, Shimbashi, Asakusa, and Gotanda.