My husband know about my blog, and he wants me to write about his successful treatment for his headache.

photo by Guillaume 📷 DELEBARRE

My husband used to have headache often.
He was taking pain pills when necessary.

He had been looking for some fundamental solution for his headache.
He was looking for the cause of his headache.

And finally, he found the information about the headache cause.
He tried the solution and it worked!

It really stopped.
He doesn't suffer from headache any more.

And now he thinks that it should work for lots of other people suffering from headache.

In the first place, the cause of headache is Serotonin which causes the contraction of blood vessles of brain.
Serotonin gets secerned because of some external influence which is usually some phisical or mental stress.

And, the nutritions called DHA and EPA makes your blood healthy while our unhealthy lifestyle makes our blood unhealthy.

What my husband took is this suppliment that he bought on iHerb.
He takes 2 gels per day and also he's been taking DHA and EPA from food.
Both DHA and EPA are contained in specific kinds of fish such as mackerel, sardine, saury and so on.
So, he eats canned fish every night.

@Rakuten Canned Mackerel/ 190g/ 113yen

Canned fish is cheap and easy to find at any stores.
It also tastes good.

Taking supplement and eating enough fish takes your headache away.

It's not that it works for everyone having frequent headache, but it did work for my husband.
He's been enjoying the time without headache now.

Try this treatment and see.