Every year from early summer till August, we need to be careful with the virus among children called "Adenovirus".

It usually starts with red eyes with discharge.
photo by Merete Teigland Mellingen

And if often causes fever, sore and swollen throat and so on.

The symptoms are similar to regular flu, but we still need to be careful enough because it occasionally causes pneumonia.

My kids did get Adenovirus, but fortunately they didn't get anything more than red eyes.
So, what I got for them is only the antibacterial eyedrop.

But still, they were not allowed to go to the nursery school because of the school disease regulation.
And I figured out about this regulation this time.

There are three categories in the Japanese school infection guidance.

Category 1: Not allowed to go to school until the complete recovery

Severe but rare infections such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever and the plague are included in this category.
The Infection Prevension law prohibits from going to school until the complete recovery after the appropriate treatment.

Category 2: Not allowed to go to school without the doctor's permission

The "Pool Fever" caused by Adenovirus, Influenza, and rubella are included in this category.
The infections will spread rapidly without appropriate care.

Category 3: Allowed to go to school depending on the symtom, but still with doctor's permission

Epidemic conjunctivitis is included in this category and it's not allowed to go to school until all the symtoms are gone and the ophthalmologist gives you the permission.

Regarding the conjunctivitis caused by Adenovirus, there is no specific anti-virus medicine.
So, all we have is some antibacterial eye drop to prevent the inflammation from getting worse.

And the most importantly, do not share your towel with your kids or among the kids.
Sharing towel is one of the major infection routes of Adenovirus.

Stay safe and let's get over it.