I don't want to get sunburn.
But, I don't want to use chemical strong sunscreen.

I've been looking for non-chemical gentle sunscreen for a long time, and I finally found the one for me.

I use the water one first.

DSC_3364*Reference: Non-chemical Water Based Sunscreen

Additionally, I use this one.

@Rakuten Pax Naturon Non-chemical Sunscreen/ 45g/ 615yen

The texture is different from chemical ones.
You need to have a little bit of water on your screen before putting this sunscreen cream.

That's also the reason why I spray the water-based sunscreen beforehand.

photo by lilttleskittle

Both is very gentle and non-chemical, so you can wash them off with regular soap.

You don't have to use make-up remover.

I'm totally tired of putting chemical stuffs on my skin.

These non-chemical ones feel easy and nice on my skin.