When I went to the US about 20 years ago, I was surprised that iced tea was too sweet everywhere.
Iced tea at vending machine, at restaurant, at friend's home.
It was just so sweet everywhere.

I could ask for unsweeted iced tea at restaurant, but when I say "iced tea", sweetened one was the regular one.

When I have iced tea in Japan, I usually have iced tea with milk.

There are several kinds of bottled iced tea with milk, but this is what I usually have.


"Gogo no Kocha" means afternoon tea in Japanese.
And it's the most famous and popular tea brand in Japan.
We call it "Gogo tea".
"Gogo" means afternoon in Japanese.

They have regular "Gogo tea" straight, lemon, and milk.
And this tea with milk is supposed to have used twice more of Uva tea.
So, you can taste more of the tea flavor than regular one.

This darker bottled tea with milk is a bit more expensive than regular "Gogo tea", but I choose this one if possible although not a lot of the stores has this one while most of them does have regular "Gogo tea".

If you see this one at any store, be sure to try at lease once to see what I mean.